Official Development Assistance 2018

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion strives to continue building a strong coordinating role with Non-Governmental Organisations.

Closing Date:
Fri 26th Jan 2018
12:00:00 PM

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion strives to continue building a strong coordinating role with Non-Governmental Organisations offering humanitarian and development assistance to developing countries with the aim of supporting economic and social progress based on the notion of ‘eradicating poverty through development’, in the light of the 2030 Agenda.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion is inviting expressions of interest from registered Malta-based organisations. Project proposals have to be in line with Malta’s Official Development Assistance policy and must be eligible to qualify as Official Development Assistance (ODA).

The information you provide in your application form will be used to check the eligibility of your project for the approval of co-financing.

Only Organisations that are enrolled with the Commissioner for the Voluntary Sector (CVO) and are in compliance with the same Commissioner can apply.

Organisations that received ODA funding pre-2016 and have outstanding reporting/financial issues with the Ministry, will be considered ineligible.

Funding will not exceed 75% of the ODA-eligible project costs, requested by the applicant.

Following a pre-selection exercise, applicants will be requested to attend for an interview.

Application Forms along with the requested Supporting Documentation are to be submitted on this portal by not later than Friday, 26th January 2018, NOON. After the indicated deadline, the application will be disabled, and no further submissions will be possible.

Applicants are to ensure that all necessary supporting documents are submitted together with this form.  Following submission, the Development Unit reserves the right to request any additional support material for clarification purposes.

Should you have any queries regarding the compilation of this form, kindly contact the Development Unit at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion, Palazzo Parisio, Valletta or e-mail to  or call on, Tel:  2204 2393, 2204 2383, 2204 2225, 2204 2275.

The portal is administered by Malta Council for Voluntary Sector (MCVS) and for any technical issues kindly contact Ms Maria-Louisa Busuttil on Tel: 2248 1114.

It is important that in the process of compiling the application, you click ‘save and validate’ for every part in the application form and at the end you click ‘submit’, for the application form to be successfully submitted.

The application form is free of charge and submission of the application form with a proposal is also free of charge. 


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