Gozo NGO Fund 2017

Designed to provide support and faciliate the realisation of small projects, activities and initiatives on the Island of Gozo by Voluntary Organisations during 2018.

Closing Date:
Wed 28th Feb 2018
12:00:00 PM

The Ministry for Gozo is launching an Assistance Scheme called the “Ministry for Gozo Non-Governmental Organisations Assistance Scheme” designed to provide support and faciliate the realisation of small projects, activities and initiatives on the Island of Gozo by Voluntary Organisations during 2018.

The objectives of this Assistance Scheme are the following:

a) To enhance the social, cultural, economic and ecological fabric of the Gozitan society;

b) To promote and encourage a culture of volunteering and the participation in volunteer activities amongst the Gozitan society;

c) To stimulate co-operation and networking between Voluntary organisations;

d) To foster co-operation between Voluntary Organisations and the Ministry for Gozo through collaborative projects, initiatives and activities;

Non-Governmental Organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations can apply under this Assistance Scheme . The maximun amount of financial assistance to implement any project and hold events and initiatives in Gozo will not exceed five thousand euro. (€5000.00). Proposed projects, events and initiatives must be undertaken during the course of this year.

This call for application will be open from Monday the 29th January 2018 and will close on Wednesday the 28th February 2018.

Applications must be submitted online through the apposite Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector funding portal www.vofunding.org.mt. An apposite link can also be found on the Ministry for Gozo website www.mgoz.gov.mt. The Guidelines for propective Applicants will also be available on these portals.


Guidelines 2017 – FINAL

Guidelines last updated on 20 July 2017

Results Gozo NGO Fund 2017
Gozo NGO Fund Results 2017 – FINAL